101 of Wedding Flowers and Decorations

Do you see the wedding bouquet or the kiss in the first glance?

Looking to hire a wedding planner or wedding florists?

This article will get you up and ready to speak to them and explain the dream wedding of yours today.

Planning for a wedding is no easy task, be it doing it yourself, or hiring a person, you got to be hands-on and be part of it. A wedding planner, wedding florist is an advisor to you, but you know best what you desire and dream for.

For those that have helped plan, or planned a venue for a wedding before, will know how scarily (BUT FUN!) daunting it is. Many a time, the couple tends to take it upon themselves and organize their wedding venue decoration themselves. Many ended up getting tired or a wedding not up to their expectation, and worse still quarrel over petty matters.

Maybe you’re living on a tight wedding planning budget or maybe you love to DIY on your own. We are here to give you a heads up on what to get to beautify your big day as best as possible. Interested to have our 101 checklists for your wedding? Head here [internal link]

This two-part article today will focus on getting your wedding event decorations right, know what is what, and pairing the best floral arrangements for your wedding. Feel free to skip if that’s not what you needed, but by knowing all these exist, you can speak to your florists for a more holistic-rounded package.

Part 1: What Type of Wedding Flowers?

Bridal Bouquet

This is the most important arrangement to nail down from the start. Others can be forgone, but this is absolutely vital to the photoshoot as well as the wedding setting. 

A bridal bouquet is a selection of flowers carried by the bride that is designed to match the wedding theme and the style of her dress. It is one of the most important styling details every bride must pay a lot of attention to.

Today, a flower bouquet is an inevitable part of every bride’s appearance. It’s never complete without one. Hands down, this is the most photographed floral piece in your entire wedding. We dedicated the entire section [below] to the type of wedding bouquet style to jazz up your big day. 

Tips: Bigger bouquets don’t mean “Bigger” pricing. Pricing is based on the value of the flowers, seasonality, and supply availability.

Want to know more about flowers? Head here [link]

Bridal Floral Crown

Feeling princess-ey? Get one Floral Crown for the day! 

Many times, this is not given a priority due to the fact that it is a lesser-known accessory compared to bigger items like bouquets. 

This is an optional arrangement but should be made a priority if you want something special for the day.

After all, it is a once in a lifetime event, why not be the princess you dreamed to be. Be free, be beautiful, be confident!

Bridesmaids' Bouquet

Tips: Remember, they are a representation of you.

Bridesmaid bouquets are easily the second most important decoration after the bridal bouquet. These bouquets will be carried by people that mean aplenty to you by being there when you are at your lowest, as well as your highest.

These ladies are a representation of you — where you were and the decisions you took before you got here today. So keep this spirit in mind when it comes to picking the bridesmaid bouquets. Their bouquets (and dresses!), should be part of what represents your own, either in colour or in form, and come together to create the complete picture

Tossing Bouquet

Well, you throw to your other single friends, not upward-graduation like okay 😉

Brides toss their bouquet off their heads and into a circle of single females in this tradition (Sometimes, male too!). Legend has it that whoever catches the bouquet, will be the next one in line to get married.

It’s a way for brides to rejoice with their single mates and to wish them happiness in finding their soul mate ultimately getting to marriage. If she does not find the spouse of her dreams at her friend’s reception, at least she can go home with a lovely bouquet!

During the bouquet toss, many brides chose to simply use their wedding bouquet. But if you intend on keeping your flowers, you will want another choice or piece to toss. This could be a scaled-down and easy version of your bridal flowers. Try to speak to your wedding florist for a complimentary bouquet for tossing 😉

Flower Girl

The gatekeeper and the angel leading the way

The little cute ones are up for the show! The presence of the flower girl signals the arrival of the bride on the wedding day. Behind or with the maid of honor, she must walk, but before the bride.

She will walk down the aisle at his side if there is a ring bearer. 

Flower Girl Inspiration: https://www.brides.com/gallery/flower-girl-ideas-real-weddings

Groom's Boutonniere

Tips: It doesn’t necessarily have to be flowers.

Find it hard to pronounce Boutonnieres? They are also called Buttonhole, and a cute way to align the groom’s wedding day with the bride’s appearance. This doesn’t have to be anything too complicated, those tiny flowers are going to do it.

Fancy some mix into the traditional tiny flowers? Switch out in favour of something more like a hipster pin. Accessorize it with some greens for a more natural outlook.

Need some inspiration for the man of your life? Have a look here.

Altar Arrangements

This is the most crucial (and most photographed) decoration of the entire wedding day of the ceremony. 

In addition to roses, though, there are also other options to decorate the altar, if you are trying to cut back on the expense of planting.

You have the exchange of vows, kisses, the happy escape at this time, and, oh yes, you are finally taken for good. Do speak to your florists or we have [Whitewood florist] who definitely can advise you on the best possible ways to design your breathtaking backdrop.

Chair Floral Arrangements

These arrangements will elevate the appearance of the seating of your guests and make the wedding aisle thematically more beautiful.

This is not only applicable to a church wedding but an outdoor or beach wedding is also a great place to have these chairs done up with beautiful flower decoration.

Tight on budget but fancy some DIY guide? 

Look here: https://www.fiftyflowers.com/blog/wedding-chair-flowers/

The Aisle

AH! The Grand entry down the aisle, the climax and most awaited moment of the session. It is definitely something that you and your florist have to ponder and give a thought about.

Remember, this will be one of the main photos that you will display in your home. It doesn’t mean that you have to splurge and give everything for it, but a simple and clear design aspiration communicated to your florist can save you money.

Have a look at some of the great inspirations here:


Tips: Ask yourself if you can stare at the centerpiece the whole night

A centrepiece is typically used for a table setting and an important part of the wedding.

Centrepieces help set the mood of the decorations and bring the space with additional decorations.

Your guests will be sitting in front of it the whole night, hence getting the look and scent right is crucial to giving a memorable experience to them. Do bear in mind, it will be one of the more photographed ones these Instagram days.

Fancy some inspiration? Look here: https://www.pinterest.ca/weddingbellsmag/wedding-centrepiece-ideas/

VIP Chair Decorations


Now, both you and your love will be the limelight of the day, the focus of the event, and the main character of the show. A beautiful seat has to definitely be in place to befit the beautiful couple. After coming this far, you might feel that you have overblown all your budgets on the above items.

However, you don’t have to reach over the top as smaller arrangements are almost as elegant as anything big. Something simple, and nice would be able to make a huge difference.

More inspirations here: https://www.pinterest.com/weddingwire/wedding-chair-decor/

Wedding Cake Flowers

Let toast and cut it!

While most of the places have a fake wedding cake in place for the ceremony, you can have one of these beautiful cake babies too.

There is a belief that eating a slice of the wedding cake would give people good luck because the wedding cake symbolizes the newlywed couple’s happiness and good life.

Wedding Car Flowers

Wedding car flowers are one of the more excited ones but rarely given attention to in Malaysia!

Flowers make the most extravagant addition to cute car signs and decor.

Be sure to get one and be one of the few to get this décor and show your big day to everyone on the street!

Part 2: Wedding Bouquet Styles

Few items on the wedding checklist are as popular as the bridal bouquet when it comes to wedding florals. 

That is why we dedicated a Looooooong section for this one. It is one of the things that we love to plan for a wedding bride, and often brides want to press or dry their bouquet until their special day is over, meaning that for years to come they can hold onto those precious petals.

Choosing a wedding bouquet and wedding flower decoration for the ceremony is an enjoyable process that you get to do once in a lifetime.

Now you may have many questions,
· What are the types of wedding flowers?
· How do I know if this bouquet if the perfect one for me?
· What colors should I choose?

One must bear in mind that the wedding bouquet is not just a bunch of flowers tied together with a ribbon. Getting it wrong will spoil your only chance to take the best lifetime photos. You wouldn’t want to hold a bouquet that completely offsets your wedding gown. This will result in the wedding photos taken getting awry and convoluted.

But you must be wondering, with so many types of bridal bouquet to choose from, how do you decide which best complements your wedding’s aesthetics? So….. Before you head to choosing your flowers for the day, do remember that you must pair it with the theme, style of your wedding ceremony, and more importantly, your wedding gown.

A rule of thumb that always stays through the test of times is that a large-size bouquet fits better for formal vow exchange, while a slightly smaller and looser flower would do well for casual beachside celebration. Remember, the size is relative to the bride’s body.

It is a great plan to engage an experienced wedding florist cum designer to craft a suitable flower for the day. Many florists are more than happy to advise you if you have your wedding gown, the theme, event settings information ready at your fingertips.

Remember, they are your advisor, so let them know everything so they can match up the flowers to your desired wedding. Getting one as early as possible would save you a lot of headaches as some flowers are seasonal depending on your wedding date.

Pro tips: Look for inspiration photos in our gallery [link] or you can head on to [Pinterest link] for samples of photos that you can take to your florists as a reference.

Additional bonus: https://www.brides.com/flowers-4692031

Now that you know what you should be expecting, let’s move on to learn more about the different styles of bouquets and flowers. This is so that you are aware of these designs, be it to design your own set of flower arrangements, or to bring it to your florists for advice.

Types of Flower Styling

Flowers play a significant decorative role in everything from the dresses to the venue, and even the cake.

They are definitely one of the most important factors for your wedding to look as great as it can be.

The art of selecting a wedding bouquet, though, is not as simple as choosing a few blooms and hoping they look fine together.

Mashing them as you see doesn’t work, and it done badly, will downplay the vibes and efforts that have been planned.

There’s a bouquet for every bride, whether you prefer a classic rounded style, a dramatic waterfall, or a conventional hand-tied arrangement.

We, at The Aisle Market, carefully selected florists that are expert in delivering wedding stunning flowers that are and sure to fit whatever aesthetic you’re going for.

Now let’s have a look at what are the styles available.

1. Nosegay

Summary: Flowers that cascade down 

Nosegays are a sophisticated, traditional bouquet style that dates to the age of Victoria. 

They are comparatively smaller compared to other bouquets, typically round in form, and consist of a close bunch of flowers, generally with one dominant type of bloom. Relatively similar to posy bouquets, rather than flowers, nosegays put more emphasis on greenery.

These are cut to a standard length using a fancy piece of cloth or ribbon, and tied together. The stems are wrapped tightly in ribbon or lace, and the bouquet often has a stiff backing to give it shape. Because of their usually compact scale, the nosegay is ideal for a short, chic wedding, and works well for bridesmaids’ bouquets.

2. Cascade

Summary: Round and smaller in size bouquet

A cascading bouquet looks like a flower waterfall, hanging down to create an upside-down teardrop shape in front of the bride’s hand. 

For this, any flower can be used, but bold blooms such as garden roses and lilies can strengthen its fun and contemporary feel.

Peonies, hollyhock, poppies, and foxgloves are other flowers famous for a cascade bouquet. Feminine and fairytale-like, the cascade bouquet makes it more appropriate for taller brides wearing a long-flowing or princess-style outfit. There is a slimming influence in its clean form and design, and can vary in length and sizes.

3. Posy

Summary: Small, minimalist bouquet, light enough to carry in one hand

Posy bouquets are a classic and common alternative for brides, compact enough to be carried in the hands. 

Due to its small stature, this is a classic choice ideal for petite brides. 

A posy can use a single type of flower or a mixture, but petals over greenery will often be stressed. This bouquet generally contains blooms such as roses, peonies, ranunculus, and daisies gerbera.

This sort of bouquet is always loose, since using cord or cloth, the flower stems are bound together. The posy bouquet can be held on one hand, making it perfect for brides who love to wear some jewellery.

Those who love minimalistic design can get this one up as well.

4. Round

Summary: Flowers arranged to give the bouquet a round-shaped top

This bouquet design is circular in form, one of the more commonly used ones. It is a broader type of posy, a classic decoration that fits well for both contemporary and traditional weddings.

Typically, this design only requires a few flower styles, but having only one kind of flower is the most successful way to make it consistent and symmetrical.

This sort of bouquet is always loose, since using cord or cloth, the flower stems are bound together. The posy bouquet can be held on one hand, making it perfect for brides who love to wear some jewellery.

Those who love minimalistic design can get this one up as well.

5. Hand Tied

Summary: Rustic, loose arrangement of flowers tied together

In simple term, this bouquet is a bunch of flowers with a ribbon tied together.

Hand-tied bouquets can have a wide variety of flowers and greenery, freer than most bouquet styles.

They are held easily using ribbon, silk, or twine (most bouquet styles use wire to create a specific look).

This is a common alternative for brides who would be going down the the Do-It-Yourself wedding path. And hand-tied bouquet is simple enough to make it yourself.

Usually, this design begins with one focal flower, before incorporating more blooms in a spiral pattern.

6. Pomander

Summary: Spherical arrangement carried by a loop

The flower girls normally carry this type of bouquet as these bouquets are conveniently carried in one hand or by little hands, but it may also give a fun and special twist to the traditional bridal bouquet.

A pomander is a circular ball of flowers hanging from a cord or twine, held in a handbag-like manner, stepping away from the conventional bouquets.

7. Composite

Summary: Flowers grouped to look like a singular flower 

A composite bouquet is an especially modern design, also known as the Carmen Rose, arranged with hundreds of individual petals wired together to look like one enormous flower.

This style is a simplistic and elegant design. This will bring glamour to your big day, but due to the amount of craftsmanship it takes to make, it can be very costly.

Using the petals of any flower type, composite bouquets may be produced, but larger, thicker petals are preferred. 

Consider going for orchids or lilies for a lasting result, since these can remain fresh for longer. A bride who wants a touch of drama complements the highly stylized bouquet!

8. Biedermeier

source: fiftyflowers.com

Summary: Flowers arranged into color-coordinated rings

The Biedermeier bouquet is named after a European interior theme and is similar in structure to a nosegay. 

This is a visually striking bouquet shaped into circles of flowers spiraling out from the middle. You may have any number of rings, and each one normally has a different colored flower or a totally different bloom.

Such symmetrical circles provide a dramatic visual impact, so the Biedermeier is perfect if you want to make a bold statement with your bouquet.

AND there goes the top eight wedding bouquet design style that you can request your florist to play around with. Take note that over the years, modern trends in bridal bouquets continue to update as various wedding styles evolve as well; but there are a few tried-and-true classics styles that we see regularly; which is the eight wedding bouquet style we mentioned above.

Some might ask and fret over getting the wrong bouquet for the big day. Fortunately, like art, there is no right or wrong. The choice is ultimately up to you, and if you’re unsure, we do recommend speaking to a knowledgeable florist or floral designer here [link] to help you narrow down the choices. 

The most significant thing is that you enjoy your bridal bouquet, so make it a personal decision like your dress and strive not to let too many opinions get in the way of carrying your fantasy bouquet as you stroll down the aisle to your precious one.

Needed more localized inspirations? Head to https://www.weddingsmalaysia.com/get-inspired/flowers/flowers-at-weddings/2183 for more!

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