8 Great Tips To Keeping Flowers Fresh

Photo Courtesy of Hoang Loc

Nobody can deny the fact that flowers give an instant freshness to your room. No matter how dull and drab it is your current space; you can always have that color pop in your room with a bunch of flowers. Even some green leaves or wines can give warmth and coziness to your room. Everyone likes to have flowers in their rooms but hate the fact that they die off real soon. Where the bunch of blooming flowers gives an inviting look to your room, the faded, dry flowers add dullness to your space too. Everybody wishes that their favorite flowers may last a little longer and keep the beauty of their room intact.

If you are also one of them, here we have some simple preservation techniques that will make your blooms keep blooming for long. All your flowers need is a little attention and lots of love. Let’s check out some simple tips and tricks to keep those flowers fresh:

  1. Choose the right vase
    If you wish your flowers to last long then place them in the right vase. Go for darker vases if you want your flowers to last longer. Go for large vases if you have a lot of flowers, for a small bunch mini vases will work too. Wash your vases thoroughly to avoid any bacteria and let them air dry.

  2. Choose the right water temperature
    The freshly cut flowers need quite warm water to retain their moisture. Cold water doesn’t work well, boiling water is not need. Hot water will though harden the flowers but retain its life and warm water will preserve the flowers without hardening them. So the trick is simple, warm water for the first time and fresh water for the rest of the days.

  3. Prepare the flowers for preservation
    Before putting your flowers in the vase, you need to prepare them to jump into that water. Cut the stems with a sharp scissor at an angle of 45 degrees (no need to be exact though). Also, cut those according to the size of your vase trim those extra leaves that fall below the water line and TADAA your flowers are ready to hit the vase.

  4. Give your flowers the flower food
    Like every living organism needs food for survival, you need to give food to these flowers even if they have been cut down from their plant. In the market, there are several flower food available, but if you cannot shop for one, let us help you with that as well. All you need is 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp of unscented bleach, and 2 tsp of lemon/lime juice. Mix these ingredients in a quarter cup of warm water and your flower food is ready.

  5. Change water frequently
    You need to observe the water and change it before it gets cloudy. Freshwater will help the plants to retain moisture. Simple, keep it clean to keep it safe.

  6. Trim it like you mean it
    You need to frequently trim the stems, cut down any decayed leave or flower, and place them again in the clean, fresh water. Trim with a real sharp scissor so that the flower is cut not crushed.

  7. Keep them Right
    Keep your vase in a cool location, away from direct sunlight. Keep them in the right amount of water; for woody stems fill 3/4th of your vase for soft stems, even half of the water-filled vase will work well. Also, don’t put your vase near fruits or vegetables, since they release gases harmful for plants as they ripe.

  8. Pro tips
    Out of all regular things, here are some simple tricks which will add to your flower’s life. Check them out and thanks us later!
    • Place some coins in your vase as they prevent bacterial growth.
    • You can add apple cider vinegar to your vase water and let the flowers bloom.
    • Aspirin is not only a pain killer but can seriously help your flowers to flourish by maintaining a pH level.
    • Refrigerate your flowers every night, to keep the buds fresh.

Keeping your flowers fresh for long is not as difficult, just a little attention and they will bloom for long. Do let us know if any of these tips worked for you in the comment section.

Happy Flowering!

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