8 Lovely Flowers To Grow

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Fotios

“Summer” is here but this time it’s a bit different due to the ongoing Pandemic. All your vacation plans must be postponed, and some of you would be staying home, staring at your mobile screen, and letting your body lack exercise. We understand that you cannot travel to your planned destinations, but does this stop you from having your time in a serene environment? Well, definitely no. Hence, here we have an idea that can help pop up your home with brighter and more beautiful colors. This “summer” brings our top 8 picks of “summer flowers” to grow in your garden/home. Let’s bring those colors and butterflies to your home and beat the heat:

  1. Sunflower – Helianthus spp
    Sunflowers definitely reflect “summer” In the best way, spotting even the name of sun in it. These 8- foot tall flowers are fast-growing and do not call for the pests to attack. And you know what, if you wish to rock your Instagram posts by staying at home then these are must-have for the summer. These flowers are going to give that yellow pop to your garden, like no other plant. Just bring these on and see the magic.

  2. Peonies – Paeonia sp
    This delicate species reflects prosperity, romance, and good fortune. If you want your garden to reflect your personality, then you must grow these in your garden; the ruffled texture of these flowers will turn to be your mood booster. And if you are reluctant to grow plants because you cannot give very much attention to them then peonies are your life savior. These beautiful ruffles grow with less attention and care, not to mention that last for long.

  3. Daisies – Asteraceae family
    “Bright white flowers singing the summer song” is how we describe Daisies. These are the embodiment of cheerfulness and purity. They come in different colors and can survive almost anywhere. These beautiful flowers got their name from the fact that its petals close themselves towards the center eye in the evening and open during the day, hence daisy means day’s eye. You can grow them for aesthetic purposes, take photos for Instagram, or if hungry, you can eat its leaves too *let’s not do it shall we*. Weird but true that daisy leaves can be added to salads to be eaten.

  4. Hibiscus – Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
    These flowers with dramatic pink-red color give a tropical look to your garden. Where in many countries hibiscus is used for making tea and beverages, you can use it in the same style too. Or you can just relax by sitting next to hibiscus while enjoying the cool breeze under the showy flowers. These large showy flowers have a short life but still, the red tint of hibiscus pops up your garden and brings the joyous feels reminding you that sometimes, mortality does have its beauty.

  5. Petunias – Petunia spp
    These little ones grow in different colors and are perfect for summer days. Do you have a huge garden? If not then no worries! They can be grown in small containers or even inside kitchen utensils. All they need is fertile soil and sunlight for at least 5 to 6 hours a day. So, hang them in your windows to give that picture-perfect touch. If you are angry at someone you love, then gift them Petunias (which means I am furious) and show your anger in a classic cut way.

  6. Lavenders – Lavandula spp
    Not only they look soothing but their scent also carries a special relaxing smell. Also, this is an excellent bug and mosquito repellent hence growing it in your backyard will keep your home mosquito-free. Fill your garden with the natural fragrance of lavender to add a comforting effect to your summer evenings. With so many health benefits lavender is definitely a top-notch flower to grow this summer.

  7. Dahlias – dahlia spp
    These plants come in a variety of sizes, colors, and unique textures. Though they come in every color, it doesn’t come in blue. Hence to kill those Monday blues you need to grow these in your garden. And not to mention, the variety of colors will give a picture-perfect look to your garden. Go ahead and plant them in your garden, just be sure that it receives proper sunlight and then this plant will not leave to bloom till the first frost.

  8. Marigolds – Tagetes spp
    They come in orange, yellow, red, and maroon color and are so luscious that it will give you perfect gold feels in summery days. Everybody loves this flower but not the insects; its strong scent keeps them away. And let us surprise you by the belief that if these flowers bloom in the morning then it will rain later in the day. While in many Asian countries it symbolizes marriage, in every other part of the world they reflect positivity.

This is our list of top 8 summer flowers. Comment your favorite out of these, or if you have any other favorite summer flowers, do share with us!

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