8 Perfect Anniversary Gifts to Complement a Flower Bouquet

So your anniversary is coming up and you’ve decided to get your partner some flowers! Great idea, if we do say so ourselves. The truth is, flowers are a great gift for practically any occasion – they will brighten up your house, but also your day. No one can be too sad when there’s lost of bright flowers around.

But for an anniversary, even the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers isn’t enough, so… what else can you get her?

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the nicest things that you can gift your partner together with that lovely flower arrangement.

A Chocolate bouquet
Since you’re already gifting her a floral bouquet, what better complement than a delicious, sweet and tasty bouquet of chocolates? That way, your anniversary will look, feel, smell and taste great! There are lots of excellent chocolate-y options and you can either go with a pre-made gift, or design one yourself, to include your wife’s favorite sweets.

Much like flowers, balloons work well in practically any social situation, and your wedding anniversary is no different. A bouquet of flower balloons can highlight the idea that you got her flowers, and can be an excellent idea if your partner is really into floral arrangements.

Better yet, flower balloons can mean anything you want them to mean – from balloons with flower patterns on them, to actually arranging balloons to form a flower shape. Balloons are a really versatile gift, so sky’s the limit with this one! Have a look at our Balloon section here

Every bouquet needs a…
… vase! Of course everyone loves getting flowers, but after that moment of initial joy is gone, they have to figure out what to do with them. And so begins the search through dusty old flower pots and checking vases for cracks. Why not skip all that by gifting your partner a gorgeous vase that compliments the flower bouquet?

While flowers unfortunately wilt, vases do not, and so you’re gifting both a timely piece of decoration, as well as a timeless one!

A special card to drive the message home
You know that scene in the movies where she receives a bunch of glorious roses and finds a discreet note telling her they’re from him? Okay, maybe we’re a little too into romance movies, but what better moment to polish your romantic skills than on your wedding anniversary.

A simple card (a lot of florists include them or at least offer a great selection!) tucked in with your flowers will really go to your partner’s heart. Why? Because you already sort of said it with the flowers, but with a card, you’re extra saying how much love you got for he

A beautiful piece of jewelry is a classic gift.
Once again, we’re talking about combining something that’s beautiful, but short-lived, with something that’s beautiful and perennial. A simple gold bracelet or a diamond pendant will look excellent beside your already gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and jewelry is something that never fails to impress a lady.

Alternatively, if your partner is more old-fashioned, you might want to look into buying her a beautiful, vintage broach. These little gems used to be all the rage and the right one can still look astounding next to a classy bouquet of flowers.

Prepare dinner.
Not all anniversary gifts have to be grandiose or expensive – it’s the gesture that counts, as they say. And you know where that lovely bouquet would look even lovelier? In the middle of a delicious supper that you prepared yourself. Maybe something romantic, like spaghetti (think the Lady and the Tramp), or maybe it’s your famous steak or risotto that your partner simply adores.
Trust us, the fact that you took the time and effort to actually prepare something for them will convey how much you care for them.

A floral scented care box.
Or a flamboyant package of self care items – this can mean anything and everything – lotions, body washes, scrubs, etc. There are countless excellent manufacturers of the stuff and what would go better with your bouquet of lilies than a fancy body cream that smells like lilies?

Obviously, you should feel free to adapt this one to your partner’s particular interests and needs. Maybe opt for a floral scented perfume if you feel that’s something your partner would wear. 

Something arts-y makes it more personal.
Maybe it’s the latest release from her favorite band or a DVD of a movie with her favorite actor, or even the latest novel of her favorite author. The choices here are endless and including something preference-related does show your partner you care. And even though a lot of this stuff is digital now, a physical copy is more impressive than just telling her you bought her an e-book!

Still haven’t bought her that gorgeous bouquet of flowers we’ve been talking about? Then what are you waiting for? Head on over to our floral house and we’ll help you pick something simply astounding!

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