Best Flower Arrangement Hacks

Photo courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio

Fresh flowers are not meant to be just in your garden. You can do so much more with them, for instance, adding some beauty to your beloved home. All you require is a little (Yes! A little!) creativity and a bunch of your favorite flowers to get started. Trust us, this will definitely be worth the effort.

Here we have 8 easy peasy flower arrangements for you that are not the usual run-of-the-mill bouquets or flowerpots arrangements. Not taking much of your time, let’s look at them:

  1. Flowers in hanging bottles
    This is one of the most beautiful looking flower arrangements. All you need is some glass bottles, flowers, and a rope or string. Use the bottles as a vase. Add freshly cut flowers and hang them on your windowsill. This will give your home a warm, wild, and captivating look. Just grab one of those bottles and try it now.

  2. Flower in mason jars
    You have taken your shakes and smoothies in mason jars many a time before. How about using one for some flower decor? Take one out and let the bloomy flowers sit in there. These little mason jars can be placed anywhere and will give a bright, vibrant hipsty look to your space. You can also add LED lights to brighten your evenings while staring in awe at this well-lit beauty.

  3. Wall hangings with flowers
    This will up the game of your center wall and give you a perfect location for all your photoshoots. All you need are small vials, large twigs, strings, threads, and some lovely flowers of your choice. Attach flowers to the thread of the desired length keeping an equal distance between them. Prepare 7 to 8 of these depending on your wall size. Attach another thread, or an anchor at the top so it can be used to hang your beautiful little ones. Now, your wall-hanging garland is ready for a photoshoot.

  4. Upcycle your old watering can
    Bring out your old watering can and paint it with a base color, draw some patterns (doodles anyone?), or it can be the same way, but let’s not get too boring shall we? Now add your favorite fresh flowers and place it as your corner piece. All your visitors are going to ask you where did you get this from? Just tell them it is limited edition *jokes*.

  5. Flowers on your dining table
    The idea of placing your flowers on your dining table never gets old. Bring some color pop to your table by either placing several little vases’ of flowers or one large flower bowl. This will not only brighten your table look but will put a positive impact on your dining table conversations. Try this out and enjoy freshly cooked food with fresh flowers.

  6. Mini Bouquets
    If you wish to send a mini gift to your loved ones, then these mini bouquets are the best option. All you need is an old newspaper or pages from an old magazine, a ribbon, flowers, and a secret message note. Just fold the paper in the form of a bouquet (cone), add your favorite flowers to it and tie with a ribbon. Write a message note and place it inside the bouquet. Easy to make and light on the pocket, your loved ones will totally appreciate this effort.

  7. Picnic Baskets Flower arrangements
    If you have not used your picnic baskets for a long time, bring them out, time to make use of them. Set them in your living area, add some big sized flowers to it and place it over your lounge table. Along with that, you can also add a card saying your favorite quote. This will be a game-changer for your living area and will keep you motivated throughout the day.

  8. Old Cans/Box- New Vases
    Re-use your old cans or boxes and turn them into a flower vase. You can place these vases in your kitchen window or breakfast table and fill them completely with flowers. This will give you an interesting flower arrangement without making any dent in your pocket.

These were some unique ideas of flower arrangements, which one was your favorite out of these? Tell us in the comments section. In case you are worried about the preservation of these fresh flowers, you can check our other blog “How to Preserve your Freshly Cut flowers”. We hope this helps!

So, unleash the artist inside you, and let’s bloom together.

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