The Romantic Meaning of Wedding Flowers

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Everyone knows that wedding flowers can be the element that really makes or breaks a wedding decoration – including a simple, but classy floral arrangement can convey a great amount of style, but the wrong flowers can also be disastrous. And while you’ve probably considered if your wedding flowers go with your wedding gown or your reception decorations, you probably haven’t thought of what message your floral arrangement is sending. That’s right, different flowers have different meaning, and you want to make sure yours sends the right one about you. Luckily, we’re here to help!

White Rose
The white rose has been a staple flower for weddings since beyond time, mainly because its simple, understated color goes with so much. Another reason why you might want to pick white roses for your wedding is that they represent purity, strength and true love.
It’s romantic and slightly nostalgic, and will give your wedding a pleasant, but not overpowering sweet scent.

Red Rose
Okay, we could spend a lifetime talking about the meaning of different rose colors alone, but we won’t. Red roses are a classic romantic flower and a timeless way to say “I love you” to your significant other. That being said, they may be considered a tad bold for most wedding ideas, so proceed with red roses at your peril.

Other rose color meanings:
Orange – While a truly lovely shade, wedding florists will advise against using orange roses in your ceremony, as they represent lust, desire and excitability and may be a bit too much for a wedding.

Purple – A fabulous, royal color, purple roses signify love at first sight, so they may be ideal for your wedding reception. Not to mention the lovely shade of lavender these come in goes great with a bridal gown!

Yellow – While also really pretty and a discreet color, yellow roses are usually appropriate for friends rather than lovers, so it may convey the wrong message at a wedding.

Baby’s Breath
The tiny, white buds of Baby’s breath have really been making a comeback lately, and as you might’ve guessed from the name, they represent purity and innocence.

As such, they’re another excellent idea for wedding flowers (including bridesmaids’ bouquets and boutonnieres) as they go with pretty much anything.

Carnations tend to be overlooked as a simple flower, but smart wedding florists will do well not to give this one a miss.

First of all, colorful carnation bouquets can add a splash of classy color to any wedding.

Second, since they’re year-round flowers, they make for quite a budget-friendly option.

Like with roses, different colors mean different things – dark red means love, while white means purity, so both are great for a wedding. Yellow and purple on the other hand should be avoided – the first one means disappointment and the second capriciousness, neither things people want in a marriage! We have got you covered here, and never be wrong in choosing your flowers for wedding, even on a strict-budget basis!

Daffodils have a simple, understated beauty. They’re also highly versatile and can be attuned to fit a variety of wedding styles.

Perhaps best of all, daffodils represent new beginnings, which is really what you’re going for in a wedding, isn’t it?

Succulents may look a little weird as a stand-alone wedding bouquet, although that has also been a rising trend lately. Succulents go particularly well when combined with other flowers, such as roses or carnations.

The reason we’re including them is that the meaning behind succulents is super sweet – since they grow in mostly dry, high temperature areas, succulents have come to be associated with endurance, and when used in weddings, they represent undying and enduring love!

Orchids are another classic wedding flower, and look well at any reception, trust us! The story behind orchids is quite an interesting one, actually. The name comes from the Greek “orchis”, which referred to a man’s testicles, as the Greeks thought the roots looked like…well, like testicles.
But when used in weddings, orchids actually mean virility and fertility, so that might make it on your wedding florist’s list if you’re planning a house full of little ones!

While tulips are gorgeous at any given time, they’re mostly used for spring weddings, as that is when the flower is in season. Like roses and carnations, tulips have different meanings depending on color – reds symbolize love, while whites mean purity and forgiveness. Overall, tulips are believed to be the flower of true love!

Lilies have strong ties to the Christian faith, and regardless of your stance on religion, you can’t deny the lily is a classy little flower.

It is also associated to the Virgin Mary and of course, to her qualities – purity, chastity, virtue and even fertility.

We hope you’ve seen that when choosing your wedding flowers, you’re not just choosing a decoration piece, but rather sending out an entire message.

Pretty much any flower you can think of is associated with some meaning, so feel free to check out your favorite flower and find out if it suits your wedding!

Our florists are also ready to answer your questions about different meanings of flowers,and work with you to create the perfect floral arrangement for your wedding – so why don’t you have a look around on our floral house to get what you want for your love today?

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