6 Gorgeous Plants to Gift Men

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Looking for great gifts for Men?

The remarkable men in your life need some love too! Have a special occasion coming up? Put those boring hardware tools and overly expensive fountain pens aside. If you’re looking to mix things up with the next gift, opt for a magnificent plant to brighten up his day. Although men aren’t known for having green thumbs, this handy guide will ensure you choose a special little friend that is unique to his personality and style. If you have a male friend, relative, or significant other who you would like to surprise with a gift, you’re in the right place! Plants are such versatile gifts that you may be giving him a home décor, a natural air purifier, or even a new hobby! Gift him one of these gems to remind him that despite his constant shenanigans, life wouldn’t be the same without him.


He spends just as much time looking in the mirror as he does planning his outfits. He puts a tremendous amount of thought into the aesthetics of his home and personal belongings. If he has an eye for simplicity and style, a bamboo plant will be the perfect addition to complement the interior of his home or garden. Well-known in Japan as a sign of luck, this plant would also bring a fresh breath of prosperity into his life.

Robust and versatile, bamboos are easy to maintain and never fail to add an exotic, yet chic element to any space. Ensuring your bamboo plant is submerged in at least 1 inch of water a week will keep it hydrated and nourished to last over a decade. Deemed as a symbol of oriental beauty, this plant will serve as a gentle reminder of his modesty and moral integrity.


Orchids possess the utmost elegance to sway the heart of any man with an eye for natural beauty. The wide range of colours in which orchids exist ensures that you will find one that suits his exquisite taste. Their visually pleasing blossoms are long-lasting and relatively easy to maintain, making it a great gift for any occasion ranging from birthdays to anniversaries. They require water and a good amount of indirect sunlight, keeping in mind that they thrive better indoors given the hot weather in Malaysia.

Derived from the Greek word “orchis”, Orchids have a diverse range of symbolisms according to the various colours, such as purity, grace, and friendship. If the gift is for a lover, Orchids are also deemed ancient symbols of love and luxury. The versatility of this flower ensures you will choose a gift that marvellously reflects his unique personality.

Venus Flytrap

Does he thrive on adrenaline and the element of danger? He keeps himself on the edge of life and appreciates the unwavering mystery of the unknown. A unique plant, the Venus Flytrap brings a sense of excitement that he will surely treasure.

Contrary to the common house plant, the Venus Flytrap is carnivorous and thus functional to his home or workspace. With its keen ability to keep pesky insects and pests away, its delicate care regime would surely be a worthwhile investment of his time. With sufficient water and direct sunlight, the Venus Flytrap will live for up to 20 years! Its unique appearance and carnivorous nature make it easy to see why the Venus Flytrap is one of the most popular and well-known plants. This one-of-a-kind plant will serve as a lovely reminder that he is like no other!

Aloe Vera

He is a man of reason and strong will. He appreciates functional beauty and has zero tolerance for impractical knick-knacks. He enjoys taking time off to focus on self-care and nurturing his well-being. If you’re looking for a lovely, multifunctional gift, an Aloe Vera plant would be the perfect combination of beauty and brains! Known for its countless healing powers, its succulent flesh can be consumed to improve digestive health or used as remedies for burns, acne, and many more skin-related issues.

Despite its intimidating appearance, Aloe Veras are very forgiving in terms of maintenance. With little watering needed, this plant can be placed either indoors or outdoors as long as it receives direct sunlight. Its functionality and minimalistic beauty will surely put a smile on his face.

Snake plant

As an enthusiast of effortless minimalism, he makes simple yet sensible choices when it comes to his mindful lifestyle. He focuses on functionality and prioritises quality over quantity. If he enjoys simplicity in style without the sweat, a snake plant would be the ideal gift for him.

Also known as the ‘Sansevieria’, this plant’s vibrant green leaves and architectural shape adds a modern and contemporary element to any interior. Its well-known reputation for being one of the best natural air purifiers makes the Snake Plant a superb choice, especially for indoor spaces. This plant will give him a natural and cheap way to stay healthy as it absorbs toxins in the air and lessens airborne allergens. Its effortless care regime would accommodate his busy lifestyle, as Snake Plants can be neglected for multiple weeks, and still maintain its beautiful stature.


The versatility of these adorable little plants will adorn his desk with their mesmerizing elegance. Succulents come in various shapes and sizes to choose from, each able to fill any room with its own eccentric ambience. If the undeniable charm of these plants isn’t enough to make his day, they are incredibly low maintenance as well. Succulents are desert plants and therefore require minimal watering. Their ability to retain water allows them to thrive indoors with ample sunlight from a nearby window.

Succulents are the perfect, palm-sized plant for a man who values the little things in life. Besides its pleasing aesthetics, they are also said to bring good fortune and protection to its owner. Certain cultures believe that succulents are symbols of strength and selflessness due to their durability. Needless to say, the sheer endurance of this plant will surely motivate him to persevere through the hardest of days.

There you have it. A great 6 gorgeous plants for your men.

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