Ultimate Florist list in KL & Selangor

Photo Courtesy of Cottonbro

Hi peeps! We know after MCO, the lot of you can’t wait to buy and personally deliver Flowers to your loved one, showing your appreciation on how much they meant to you. We are here to share with you the list of the florists available in KL/Selangor area, along with their Instagram! 


  1. Arranged Aura Florist (Instagram)
  2. Astrid Florist (Instagram)
  3. Bebonnie Florist (Instagram)
  4. Blossom M Florist (Instagram)
  5. Blossoms KL Florist (Instagram)
  6. Butt & Bloom (Instagram)
  7. By Thian Florist (Instagram)
  8. Chapter Ju Florist (Instagram)
  9. d Blossom Florist (Instagram)
  10. De Flower Bar Florist (Instagram)
  11. Euphoria Florist (Instagram)
  12. Florahera Florist (Instagram)
  13. Floral Paradise Florist (Instagram)
  14. Floral Muse Florist (Instagram)
  15. Florist at Home (Instagram)
  16. Florist Diary (Instagram)
  17. Floristika Official (Instagram)
  18. Florist Wild Flower (Instagram)
  19. Flory Moly Florist (Instagram)
  20. Flowericious by Miko (Instagram)
  21. Flowericious Florist (Instagram)
  22. Genie Floral (Instagram)
  23. Heramour Florist (Instagram)
  24. H.U.A Floral (Instagram)
  25. Hana Floristt (Instagram)
  26. Hemera Florist (Instagram)
  27. Huabar Florist (Instagram)
  28. KL V Florist (Instagram)
  29. Lafleur.co (Instagram)
  30. Lartiste Florist (Instagram)
  31. Lee Wah Florist KL (Instagram)
  32. Lilac Florist (Instagram)
  33. Little Angel Florist (Instagram)
  34. Lynns 17 Florist (Instagram)
  35. Mekar Florist (Instagram)
  36. Mr. Florist K (Instagram)
  37. My Floraland (Instagram)
  38. My Flower Place (Instagram)
  39. Onedayy Florist (Instagram)
  40. Pax Floral Studio (Instagram)
  41. Puduria Florist (Instagram)
  42. Rosycheeks Studio (Instagram)
  43. Scentales (Instagram)
  44. Seed & Petals (Instagram)
  45. Stargarden Florist (Instagram)
  46. Sugardust.my (Instagram)
  47. Surprise Delivery Selangorr (Instagram)
  48. Surprise Delivery KLSEL (Instagram)
  49. The Floral Tribe (Instagram)
  50. The Vow Florals (Instagram)
  51. ValentiFlowers (Instagram)
  52. Warm Wishes Florists (Instagram)
  53. White Wood Floral Design (Instagram)
  54. 1988 Florist & Gift (Instagram)
  55. 50gram (Instagram)
  56. 6 Cents Florist (Instagram)

We hope these selections of great florists and product offerings are useful to you. Do follow us on Instagram if you find this useful as we will be sharing useful tips for both gifters and florists from time to time!

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