8 Wedding Flower Ideas for a Strict Budget

Everyone wants their special day to feel and look amazing – we spend hours trying to find the perfect venue, dress, wedding band, and of course, the perfect flower arrangement. And the truth of the matter is, things can rapidly get quite pricey, so many brides-to-be start looking around for more budget-friendly alternatives.

With the Covid-19 situation straining the pockets of everyone, we definitely know it’s wise to keep some cash in the pocket for rainy days and that is why we get this article out! If this is you, you’re probably nurturing some doubts – if I pay less, will my wedding look as good as I want it to?

Of course it will! It’s time you stop buying into the myth that cheaper is necessarily worse. As you’ll see in this article, you can set up some phenomenal wedding flower arrangements that your guests will remember… and you don’t have to break the bank for them!

Wildflowers are a real money-saver!
Many overlook wildflowers as too common when it comes to wedding wishes, but in the right arrangement, they can prove fabulous. Since wildflowers come with a lot of green fillers mixed in, they aren’t as expensive as other flower types. They’re a perfect choice if you want your wedding to have a strong nature theme – and did we mention the white flowers go great with your wedding dress?

Smaller is sometimes better.
Sure, the immense flower arrangements you’ve seen look great, but so do smaller arrangements, if you know how to do them right. And one big bouquet can easily be turned into five smaller flower vases, which in turn will allow you to decorate a larger area for the same amount of money.

Don’t be afraid to stand out.
A lot of wedding planners will tell you that you should buy big, beautiful bouquets for your bridesmaids, in the idea that they will compliment your own. We say it’s a slippery slope – they might have that effect, or they might just as easily not, so what you can do to save some money is get smaller bouquets for your special ladies.

Sure, still get them something gorgeous that will compliment the wedding décor, but don’t be afraid to downsize.

Don’t go for something too… exotic!
We get it, exotic flowers are more colorful and more exciting – having a flower that is out of season at your wedding will really make it special. The downside? It’ll also make it a lot more expensive, so… might not be such a hot idea. By opting for flowers that are in season, you are automatically reducing the cost of wedding flower arrangements, since they’ll be more accessible.

Work with your wedding florist.
This one might sound like a no-brainer, but many times, we avoid disclosing our budget to people. Especially when you’re trying to stay on a limited budget, you’re afraid they’ll give you dirty looks and think you’re skimping.

Simply not true. As someone who’s seen a lot of wedding preparations, we can honestly tell you your wedding florist isn’t judging, but rather trying to work with what you give them to create the best possible outcome. So talking openly about your budget will allow your wedding florist to work out the best arrangements within your price range.

Don’t necessarily go for a complex arrangement.

We tend to want something grandiose when planning our wedding, but forget that simple can often be more beautiful. Flowers, in general, are gorgeous, so even a simple, less complex bouquet can be quite stunning.
And you’re paying a lot for wiring and preparation, so save yourself a bit of money, and buy a simpler set-up.

Or, if you’re crafty, do it yourself!
We know you’ve probably got plenty going on already, but if you’re into DIY, this could be a fun activity to do with your bridesmaids or even with the groom before your big day. Buy the flowers as they are and arrange them yourself – you’ll have fun and you’ll get a set of truly unique wedding decorations.

Re-use the flowers!
You’re probably going to be setting some flowers down the aisle, have an altar piece, decorate the church, etc. and once that part of the wedding is over, there’s no need to leave your flowers behind!
You can easily re-purpose the flowers used at the church (and even the bouquets of the bridesmaids, since they won’t be needing them anymore) to decorate your reception as well, thus saving you quite a lot of money.

There are countless ways to decorate a wedding in style and with class while still sticking to a limited budget. And often enough, it’s actually more fun to do it that way. We honestly hope this article has given you some ideas for creating your dream wedding.

Looking for cheap and gorgeous flowers to enhance your special day? We’re here to help – our florists love working on weddings, so why not give us a shout-out here?

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