Which Flower for Which Occasion?

Photo Courtesy of Tatiana Syrikova

Ever wondered why roses are always given on Valentine’s Day or why yellow daylilies are used on funerals? It’s simply because each flower has its own special meaning, impact, and association to its origin. This blog is to help everyone out there who wishes to send flowers to their loved ones or are confused about what to give somebody on a certain special day. We don’t want you to be wrong with your flower choices, hence we are here to help you out by sharing with you which flower is suitable for which occasions. Because at the end of the day, you need an expert’s advice, don’t you

Valentine’s Day:
This is a long-awaited day for all those couples out there, once in a year, no mistake, please. While red roses speak “I love you” the loudest, there are several other options which can be added to your love bouquet. Let’s check them out and let’s be unique with our floral game:

  • Peonies – Romance
  • White or Red Carnations – Deep love and Affection
  • White, Pink and Purple roses – Love, Admiration and a New relationship
  • White Orchids – Love and Beauty
  • Casa Blanca Lilies – Happiness and Celebration

While many florists may recommend yellow roses as well, don’t go for yellow roses on a standalone basis else you will highly likely be “friend- zoned”. Though there is no harm in combining them with red roses, its best not to mix this in to be safe.

Birthday Blooms
While balloons are more commonly associated with birthdays, no one can deny the significance of flowers on birthdays as well. The best option is to go with the favorite flower of your loved ones (Duh!). In case you have no idea what are their favorite flowers, here is our go-to list of flower recommendations for birthdays. They will never go wrong, unless, of course, if the other person is allergic to them

  • Pink carnations – Gratitude
  • White lilies – Chastity
  • Orchids – Love, Charm, and Strength
  • Geraniums – Comfort and True friendship
  • Forget-me-not – Remembrance
  • Yellow roses – Friendship

Mother’s Day
This is the simplest, yet on of the most significant category, and all you need is to give her flowers to show your appreciation and how much she means to you. However, if she is not concerned about the types of flower, then you can choose a big bunch of all spring blooms. Still confused! Check this list of our favorite picks for Mother’s Day

  • Colorful tulips – Declaration of Love
  • Peonies – Prosperity
  • Sunflowers – Adoration
  • White lilac – Innocence
  • Lilies – Devotion

Father’s Day
Those who say men do not like flowers are, well to a certain extent, a wrong generalization. You can prove to them by gifting your dad a bunch of flowers and recording his reactions. We are 101% percent sure that he is going to love them. Since men love bold and aggressive tones of flowers, here is our go-to list for Father’s Day bouquet:

  • Red and Yellow Tulips – Declaration of love
  • Chrysanthemums – Longevity
  • Daisies – Innocence and Playfulness
  • Asters – Wisdom
  • White and Red Roses – White Rose Honors Deceased Father while Red Rose Honors the Alive

Wedding Anniversary
Your anniversary is as important as your wedding day; no matter how old is your marriage. A piece of friendly advice is to never forget your anniversary date; otherwise, you have to repent for the whole year *cries*. For your anniversary, a budget-friendly yet romantic gift is definitely a flower bouquet. Go for your spouse’s favorite flower or choose one from our list:

  • Carnations – Gratitude
  • Sunflowers – Adoration
  • Daises – Innocence and Playfulness
  • Roses – Love and Compassion
    • Daffodils – Truth and Forgiveness
  • Violets – Modesty
  • Irises – Traditionally a 25th-Anniversary Flower Symbolizing Faith

Flowers for the Sick
If you want to wish “Get Well Soon!” to someone, then the best way is to say this through flowers. Not only it will make them feel special, but flowers have the potential to put positive impact on sick people. This will make them feel better and recover faster. If you have never shopped flowers for someone who is sick, here are our recommendations, do check them out

  • Orchids – Love and Strength
  • Hydrangeas – Perseverance and Heartfelt Emotion
  • Pastel roses – Elegance
  • Lilies – Purity
  • Tulips – Declaration of Love and Smile

Flowers for Sympathy
Flowers show our care and affection for others like no other product. On occasion like a funeral, the simplest way to show your condolence is by sending flowers to the family of the deceased. Before sending flowers to them, make sure that the family has a tradition of accepting flowers on funerals, generally people do. To be sure that you do not offend someone, let’s have a look at available options of flowers that can be sent on funerals:

  • Lilies – Restored Innocence to the Departed Soul
  • Red Carnations – Love
  • Pink Carnations – Remembrance
  • White roses – Love
  • Pink roses – Admiration
  • Crimson roses – Sorrow
  • Orchids – Eternal Love

No matter what the occasion is, flowers should be your go-to gift options since it is economical yet holding special sentiments. When was the last time you received or gifted a flower and what type was that? Do let us know in the comment section.

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